? Advanced Diploma & Bachelor degree in Fashion Marketing in Bangalore, India

Advanced Diploma in Fashion Marketing & Management & Bachelor of Design in Fashion Marketing

Awarded by: Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore
Raffles College Pty Ltd, Australia Trading as Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Sydney, Australia
Duration: 2+1 Years (Full-Time)
Intakes: January, April, July, October

Course overview

The study of Fashion Marketing is an exciting field that opens one up to countless opportunities in the fashion industry. Students learn buying and merchandising practices, conceptualizing, advertising and promotional activities. Tailored to blend creative fashion knowledge with a solid grounding in business, marketing and contextual studies.

Course Modules

Year 1 & 2

  • Fashion Marketing and Merchandising
  • Garments and Composition
  • History of Costume
  • Colour Theory for Fashion
  • Textiles
  • Fashion and the Consumer
  • Fashion Advertising
  • Digital Photography
  • Principles of Economics
  • Fashion Communication
  • Contemporary Fashion, Styles and Trends
  • Academic Research and Communication Skills
  • Buying Principles 1
  • Market and Design on the Web
  • Market Research Techniques
  • Product Development
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Buying Principles 2
  • Fashion Coordination and Promotion
  • Human Resource Management
  • Final Marketing Project 1
  • Internship (Fashion Marketing and Final Marketing Project 2)
  • Visual Merchandising

Year 3

  • Fashion Communication 2
  • Strategic Marketing
  • E -Fashion
  • Design and Subculture
  • Social Psychology of Fashion
  • Brand Management
  • Major Studio Project

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