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About Raffles

Welcome to RMI Bangalore

Raffles Millennium International (RMI) is a successful joint venture between Raffles Education Corp — an institution which is known for providing Asia`s best design education for over 20 years — and India`s number one education company, Educomp Solutions Ltd.

Raffles owes its success to its ground-breaking learning techniques, practical applications and top-quality industry partners who are connoisseurs in their field.

We design and revise our curriculum as per international industry-relevant standards. Our lecturers are recruited internationally and are very important to the success of our students. They are experienced and dedicated professionals with extensive links to their professions. As a result, our graduates are well known in the industry, not only for their technical skills but also for their international outlook.

Our extensive network of schools enables students to seamlessly transfer to other colleges operated by the group in 14 countries across Asia-Pacific. Students have the option to study for two years in India and then complete their education in a different country so as to experience life in a different culture, make new friends, widen their horizons and develop an international network of their own!

We believe India currently lacks the right platform to develop a vast pool of untapped talent into professionals of tomorrow. Raffles aims to bridge this gap. We nurture creativity by inspiring the students to think beyond boundaries and carve out their own niche in the worlds of design and commerce.

At Raffles Millennium International, we are committed to make the educational experience of every student satisfying, fulfilling and fun. We believe the journey is as important as the destination!


Our Mission

Raffles Millennium International is committed to developing industry-relevant skilled professionals through its network of institutions in Asia Pacific.


Our Philosophy

We strive to give every student a fundamental education based on:

The development of superior thinking processes.
The proficiency of written and spoken language as a tool of communication and thought.
The acquisition of thorough and effective work methods based on analysis and judgment.
A consciousness of the historic dimension of human ideas and activity and the capacity to assume responsibility for his or her own personal development.

Why Raffles Bangalore

  International Qualifications and Recognition

Raffles Millennium International offers a two-year Advanced Diploma and three-year internationally accredited Bachelors Degree programme for specialised design courses. With articulation agreements between reputed overseas universities in the United Kingdom and Australia, graduating students are awarded internationally-accredited design qualifications at the end of their studies.Our degrees are validated and awarded by Raffles College Pty Ltd in Australia, via our partner Raffles College of Design and Commerce (RCDC). RCDC is accredited as a Higher Education Provider by the Australian government and maintains the highest of standards according to the Australian Qualifications Framework

  Industry Projects and Internships

Students at Raffles Millennium International enjoy valuable, hands-on practical experience through internships and various commercial projects. Vocational training provides students with the opportunity to establish a personal network with important industry contacts, enhancing their personal portfolios and employability.

  International Faculty

A rich blend of faculty from around the world — all with plenty of industry experience — guides each student along the path of success. Our teaching staff enhance the ability of each student with the right knowledge and skills, so that upon graduating the students can make their mark within their chosen field of design or commerce.

  Inter–College Transfer of Credits

Raffles Design College Group (RDCG) is the only institution that offers inter-college transfer credits among our colleges in the Asia-Pacific region. Be it in the cosmopolitan cities of Singapore and Sydney, or the financial hubs of Shanghai or Beijing, our students can gain international exposure by living and studying in any of the campuses located in our network.

  Jump Start Your Career

Our intensive curriculum ensures that students will earn an internationally recognized degree in three years. Proudly taught by our team of talented faculty, students will be equipped with knowledge and ability to interact with people from diverse nationalities and achieve career maturity at a faster rate.

  Academic Term

Raffles Millennium International accepts 4 intakes annually: every January, April, July and October. Students are given the flexibility to commence their studies at a time convenient to them, while graduates can enter the labour force at 2 separate times through the year, maximising employment prospects for graduates. One academic year consists of 4 terms with 11 study weeks, and a 2-week holiday between terms.