The work of our students has been featured in design industry publications recently.  Inside Outside magazine featured Harini Sudarshan’s “Hemisphere” stool and Rijo Joy’s “Chai” chair in their July issue, as well as Venita Vohra’s “C-Grass Chair” back in March.

Inside Outside Magazine, March 2011 Inside Outside Magazine, July 2011

The March issue also included a write-up of one of our Week 1 Projects, which bring together students from all design programmes to work together in a multidisciplinary team at the start of each term.  In this case, Anoushka Nambiar, Priya Rustumjee, Reshma Dillepan, Kaushik Reddy, Bhanu Prakash, Sushmita Sukumar and Venita Vohra all worked together on a brief to use recyclable materials, and the team came up with an innovative concept for local NGO Yuva Bangalore who work with unprivileged children.  Their solution “upcycles” plastic bottles to produce low-cost, child-size tables and chairs for use in classrooms, and their original prototypes were developed further in association with Yuva to make usable furniture.


Durian Society Interior Design Awards 2011, Society Interiors magazine

Also back in March, RMI Bangalore hosted the local leg of a national competition, the Durian Society Interior Design Awards 2011.  Society Interiors magazine were on hand to report on this live competition, which saw our campus buzzing with Interior Design students from Bangalore and Hyderabad as they competed for a place in the national finals.